Trakker Dog superpremium food

Is the new line of products extruded and cool coated with an exclusive and modern technology which joint to the quality of raw materials used, makes these products highly palatable, digestible, and with an high intake of metabolizable energy. Every step in the supply and handling of ingredients is carefully controlled to ensure a high quality. The raw materials are selected to be conform to certain quality standards. Incoming raw materials also undergo Quality Assurance procedures and laboratory analysis.

The classic concept of extrusion is updated, the raw materials, selected and sterilized are first grinded and mixed separately, all the ingredients undergo then the separate cooking process to avoid that the meat meals should undergo a second cooking and so the loss of nutritive substances, which remains in this way unchanged, this process brings the starch transformation into kibbles. After the cooking, the kibbles are cooled and only after it, they pass in a working process that consists in the addition of fats and dehydrated meat of high quality.

The vitamins and mineral salts integration is also made cool to preserve intact all the valor given.

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