If you are a dog breeder we have the best choices for you!

All Cennamo Team Breeders lines are designed for professional use and designed by nutrition experts in collaboration with breeders, with specific references to meet the needs of the various breeds, sizes and age groups.

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A wide choice of quality products that adapt to all needs designed by and for those who use them professionally in 20 and 15 kg formats.

A free kit for puppies to give to future owners, to make feeding their four-legged friend easier.

Prestige Dog

Complete and balanced high quality line for dogs. Monoprotein and with hydrolyzate of fresh meat or fish. Hypoallergenic, highly digestible and palatable.

Diamond Dog

Line of foods based on selected raw materials that ensure a high intake of noble proteins and amino acids ideal for carrying out organic functions.

Professional Food Dog

Line of functional foods with high energy content, suitable for athlete dogs or dogs with extreme physical activity who require a high concentration of proteins and fats.