Adult Medium Salmon 12kg + FREE


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Line: Prestige
Pack size: 12 Kg

Complete and balanced high quality food for medium sized adult dogs. Formulated with salmon as the only source of animal protein, which provides excellent proteins, Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals. The recipe also includes rice with high digestibility and bioavailability of the nutrients it provides, which are easily assimilated by the intestine.

Protein and fat levels are balanced to meet the specific requirements of medium-sized dogs. For all this it is a highly palatable and perfect food for keeping the dog in excellent health. Complete food for medium-sized adult dogs.

  • 100% Cruelty free
  • GMO free
Ingredients and nutritional values


Farina di Pesce (salmone 30%), mais, fioretto di mais, grano duro ancestrale, riso (5%), grasso animale, polpa di barbabietola essiccata, proteine animali idrolizzate, polpa di cicoria essiccata 2% (fonte di inulina), olio di pesce 1% (fonte di Omega3), polpa di carruba essiccata, sostanze minerali, condotrin solfato 0,06%, glucosamina 0,05%.


(3a672a) Vitamina A 20.000 U.I/Kg
(3a671) Vitamina D3 1.400 U.I./Kg
(3a700)Vitamina E (tutto-rac-alfa-tocoferile acetato) 130 mg/KG
(3b605) Solfato di zinco monoidrato 300 mg/Kg (Zinco: 110 mg/Kg)
(3a890) Colina cloruro 3500 mg/Kg
(3a910)L-carnitina 150 mg/Kg

(1c322) Lecitina : 3.500 mg/Kg

Prodotti naturali botanicamente definiti: Castana Sativa 1000 mg/Kg

Analytical components

Proteina grezza 25%
Grassi grezzi 13%
Fibra grezza 2,5%
Ceneri grezze 8%
Calcio 1,20%
Fosforo 1%